What’s re-CONSCIOUS?

Regarding Japanese economic activities, manufacturing in the “big factory” is no longer a panacea for human happiness.Arts and crafts in the “small office” are not efficient and profitable because these are just handicrafts.However, after 3.11, “another” parallel society, which admits “another” value and “another” lifestyle and won’t compete with the existing society, has come to light.

We need to seriously consider how the new economic system, which has come up in the “another” society, will be. Even step by step, we have to take some actions for this issue. “Re-conscious” is an insistent life-style.Japan has a scarcity of natural resources and there only a few places where we can execute human and industrial activities. On the other hand, there is this idea that the Japanese people take good care of their materials, belongings and local community in the natural environment since time immemorial.Japan has the best conditions for the development of a role model of sustainable society so called “miniature Earth”. In addition, the Japanese people have been trying to recycle things thoroughly; we call it “Mottainai” mind. We also have a great tradition, bright intelligence and advanced technology as shown by the landscaping of Edo with lush green. The carbon dioxide emission per GDP of Japan is especially fewest among major advanced countries and the utilization rate of public transportation of Japan is marking 47 %, which is far higher than other advanced countries.These traditions and advancement in technology should be exploited for the establishment of environment-friendly society as “Japan model” and the society should be widely known all over the world.The Arts and Crafts with Re-conscious should not be focused on finesse and intricacy; even a plain, uneven or incomplete face will be artistic and interesting.Not to get new materials but to think how to utilize and reuse belongings and remains; this is called “around resources”. This mind has a strong assertive presence not only for things but also food, living space and region.In the Kadamo region, where the virtual town is in the integrated and not administrative by on layer, there will be a recycle art activity with the theme of home electronics in regional industry. That activity forms a part of a practical education on sustainable economic society for kids such as environmental issue and recycle mind.The knowledge of natural environment, art and technology that the kids leaned from the activity will be the new power of the development of Japanese home electronics in the future. It will also act as an incubator in the business field of electric vehicle.In the Re-conscious mind, the purpose of art is work and commodity as well.Daniel Pink, author of the book “High Concept”, said that great creators and artists can lead the future (the “artists” does not mean in the narrow sense such as contemporary artists.).Originally, the value of existence of art is “to shake people’s heart and the world” with the adventurous mind and the expressions independent of manuals and schemes.Now the role of art is highly demanded as never before.We should shake ourselves free from conventional mind and we should paint a big picture with the aim of dramatic revolution.It is important that Japan will change its position drastically from the undeveloped country of art and charity to the big contributor for international issues such as economic issues and natural environment issues in the undeveloped countries with the human rights mind. It must be more important for enhancing Japanese position rather than focusing on COOL JAPAN.


[Re-conscious gallery 2013] Exhibition information

The Re-conscious program is comprised of arts and crafts from Home Electronics Cafe and MoHE. Using the ideas of art brut and commodities, we are expanding training and practical production in order to make it possible for the disabled and elderly to work long-term. To be precise, we do not only show modern art galleries, but we also suggest display objects, digital signage, and POP tools. We are aiming to collaborate within Home Electronics Cafe' business domain, but we also include business activities which have, for clients, normal businesses with a high CSR or social responsibility. While doing so, we also conduct training and practical production. By throwing away excessive technical skill and artisticness, and planning to expand the market so that it is cost-effective and anyone can participate, we are working hard to create a business that can continue for a long time.

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What started out as a small work has evolved into a major project.


[Re-conscious gallery 2013] Exhibition information

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