Tokyo, June 1, 2007

Cabinet Meeting Decision




(Tentative Translation)

I. State of the Global Environment and Key Challenges

II. Becoming a Leading Environmental Nation for a Better World

III. Eight Strategies to Be Implemented as Priorities in the Next One to Two Years

The economic activities of the industry slow life

What is industry slow life ?

And so wonderful industry slow life.

Industrial environment life in KADAMO region.

A sound environment abundant with natural blessings is the creation of the interactions, since time immemorial, among numerous habitats and natural systems on the earth. These blessings of the environment are for all generations, and thus should not be consumed solely by the present generation but should be managed in such a way as to preserve them for future generations as well. However, the environmental impacts of human activities have increased to a point that exceeds the limits that the global environment can manage, and the global ecosystem is losing its intricate balance. Furthermore, in the context of the population growth and economic development in developing countries, there is the risk that environmental impacts will increase dramatically. If this situation continues, ecosystems could be further degraded on a global scale. Various sustainable development issues that the world is facing, such as water shortages, food crises, and poverty, could become much more severe, while the sustainability of our society and the foundations for the existence of humanity could be threatened. Global environmental issues are closely intertwined with issues of human security and can be called the most difficult challenges facing humanity.

And so wonderful industry slow life. 

However, style of slow life is various. Weekend slow life, early retirement, self-life, a retirement age company found...  There is it innumerably.  I think that there are various opportunities, but want to live with different styles as well as it so far. I run to a dream and the ideal that I imagined at time of the young man at time of the child. And I want to do some useful way of life for somebody in simply. I think that there is a like this target. The style to aim at is various, but it wants to do wonderful way of life that there is in the basic. Please value a feeling of this beginning. Because I do not end slow life in "a dream", I will push forward preparations steadily well. 
 What kind of style do take  on you? Please think about important life in the future slowly and carefully.


State of the Global Environment and Key Challenges

Declaration of Miniature earth city

The area brand strategy that paid more attention to the world and Asia.

Future, in the Asian economy become the center of the world economy, in addition to Tokyo, we have there is a need to build another city as a base. It serves as the hub of the Asian economy in a unique position to direct with the different city function and Tokyo. We must have a great advantage survive it is not in mini Tokyo, sub Tokyo, the competition between the cities of the world. It is not a city model based on traditional values such as economy or sightseeing.
miniature earth city with the theme of world environment electronics have come to expect big for Japan. It developed countries to the world as a model for the next generation of sustainable centered on environmental issues.We act as a global incubation for it is oriented to small and medium-sized personal venture is a big favorite EV car and next-generation lithium-ion battery. to inspire. And, you need to go focused on the development of comprehensive cultural infrastructure, education, industry information.In addition, the competition among international companies in the future is not a matter of individual companies never, can win the competition among international activities as Japan brand, while in collaboration even if citizen country, and region, even the identity of our country true and that it was also a very important issue involved the future. To do so, the Japanese electronics brand has a high rating in the world, its corporate brand is not just some of the managers and shareholders of the current generation. And understanding of the historical background and a sincere respect for pioneers, even in the present, there are in the public property of the whole of our country, including the user and the community that has supported them and related companies, employees and is necessary to recognize that it is society's resources. In addition, in agreement with the company and society of the future relationship with citizens and communities is important. At the same time as the consensus that play a role in the foundation of the state to support the employment and financial, by the next paradigm shift will happen to public  capitalism from shareholders capitalism further, as well as sales and profits in the short term, that is respect from society in the long term will continue to grow the company.Company is also to disseminate to the world in order to go together with the local citizens, you will need heavy responsibility, will promote the collaboration of true to the theme of earth, environmental and social. Originally in Japan aim to achieve the target culture and values match the cooperation is one of the strengths of our country as seen in the efforts coordinated by the public and private sectors that have contributed to steady economic growth. Under the cooperation with the participation of a broad-ranging relationship. You must also aim to coexist with the environment of a recycling-based society and sustainable market based on traditional Japanese culture as represented to "MOTTAINAI" by the two wheels of the car .



Environment  Art  Charity

Electronics brands as a landmark















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