Tokyo, June 1, 2007

Cabinet Meeting Decision




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I. State of the Global Environment and Key Challenges

II. Becoming a Leading Environmental Nation for a Better World

III. Eight Strategies to Be Implemented as Priorities in the Next One to Two Years

The economic activities of the industry slow life

What is industry slow life ?

And so wonderful industry slow life.

Industrial environment life in KADAMO region.

A sound environment abundant with natural blessings is the creation of the interactions, since time immemorial, among numerous habitats and natural systems on the earth. These blessings of the environment are for all generations, and thus should not be consumed solely by the present generation but should be managed in such a way as to preserve them for future generations as well. However, the environmental impacts of human activities have increased to a point that exceeds the limits that the global environment can manage, and the global ecosystem is losing its intricate balance. Furthermore, in the context of the population growth and economic development in developing countries, there is the risk that environmental impacts will increase dramatically. If this situation continues, ecosystems could be further degraded on a global scale. Various sustainable development issues that the world is facing, such as water shortages, food crises, and poverty, could become much more severe, while the sustainability of our society and the foundations for the existence of humanity could be threatened. Global environmental issues are closely intertwined with issues of human security and can be called the most difficult challenges facing humanity.

And so wonderful industry slow life. 

However, style of slow life is various. Weekend slow life, early retirement, self-life, a retirement age company found...  There is it innumerably.  I think that there are various opportunities, but want to live with different styles as well as it so far. I run to a dream and the ideal that I imagined at time of the young man at time of the child. And I want to do some useful way of life for somebody in simply. I think that there is a like this target. The style to aim at is various, but it wants to do wonderful way of life that there is in the basic. Please value a feeling of this beginning. Because I do not end slow life in "a dream", I will push forward preparations steadily well. 
 What kind of style do take  on you? Please think about important life in the future slowly and carefully.


State of the Global Environment and Key Challenges

Declaration of Miniature earth city

Integration of Art and commodity,

With respect to the cause of the slump in Japan's home electronics industry there is a problem of strategic and corporate due strong yen and deflation as external factors. There is a problem in the Japanese market that do not sell can make a good thing really as another cause.Unfortunately, the current decline in Japanese society and culture of the collapse of the education level of citizens and users is in progress.The company side by excessive marketing believer, was swayed by  B target of the market for it.
It is also self-responsibility they made too suffering from the paradox that a number of immediate chase. Japan's postwar democracy and marketing for the volume number of zones, and manufacturing or making policy has been action. Designer strengthening and creative confrontation to the user based on the sensibility of their own belief is they should be. (Background the social mission of general intention, social and corporate of course). In addition, the shortage of human resources and know-how to do the integrated education of art and commodity in the field of design and art education, they've made a big gap between contemporary art and commercial design. Revival of manufacturing in Japan are likely to be the biggest priority is to foster future generations was sharpened sensibilityArt × commodity (ZAKKA). Japanese society as a whole Opportunity that we must change the wake of 3.11 on its own has been born with values of  mono and life style and culture.We must go to form the mature markets may stick to the idea of the creator also, with the presence of conventional things from the keyword low price like that lovely multi-function this opportunity. Also in the consumer electronics industry, recently, a very excellent products remain to posterity, such as series of SONY BRAVIA/NX720 has appeared. Such products instinctively say "I want" and with a sense of joy to own cool texture Taste consumer electronics products in the past was not apparent.However, it called "ZAKKA", not only for companies but the fact also is a keyword that can not be understood quite troublesome to come to people and cultural artists, scholars, politicians and bureaucrats in Japan. However, "ZAKKA" is not only for companies but also, it is not difficult to understand until the keyword nasty peoplecultural and artists, politicians in Japan. There is a digression, politicians who exudes a stylish Japanese sensibility is equal to none. Moreover, it is slow progress in earthquake disaster reconstruction, but there is also a problem of politics and government, of course, that you do not grasp the image of the medium-and long-term future in the disaster area also we architects and cultural has been caused. Japanese society until understand the Arts and Crafts of the beyond the boundaries of contemporary art and commercial design "ZAKKA" miking goods,making shop,making town, and eventually nation-miking to come to.Manufacturing-making shop manufacturing town, and eventually nation-building) to come to. Until you understand the Arts and Crafts of the "goods of this" Japanese society. Beyond the boundaries of contemporary art and commercial design. Production activities of companies will be well not to rely on economic indicators propensity and marketing forever. General users in bipolarization that premium brand and low prices, to get the feeling of happiness and satisfaction of life of the rich really hard. In other words, it is also true that there is a mosquito mass of design and art. Future is, that it comes with important implications for society down to the smallest detail of design and art as commodity. City can be described as a millions of small a collection of these. Not people who are said to change the world in the 21st century, designers and artists and educated art design ideas and ready-made design. Can tell you is the power of our small and by the hands of workman = art brut of live exude from the inside.


Environment  Art  Charity


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