Tokyo, June 1, 2007

Cabinet Meeting Decision




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I. State of the Global Environment and Key Challenges

II. Becoming a Leading Environmental Nation for a Better World

III. Eight Strategies to Be Implemented as Priorities in the Next One to Two Years

The economic activities of the industry slow life

What is industry slow life ?

And so wonderful industry slow life.

Industrial environment life in KADAMO region.

A sound environment abundant with natural blessings is the creation of the interactions, since time immemorial, among numerous habitats and natural systems on the earth. These blessings of the environment are for all generations, and thus should not be consumed solely by the present generation but should be managed in such a way as to preserve them for future generations as well. However, the environmental impacts of human activities have increased to a point that exceeds the limits that the global environment can manage, and the global ecosystem is losing its intricate balance. Furthermore, in the context of the population growth and economic development in developing countries, there is the risk that environmental impacts will increase dramatically. If this situation continues, ecosystems could be further degraded on a global scale. Various sustainable development issues that the world is facing, such as water shortages, food crises, and poverty, could become much more severe, while the sustainability of our society and the foundations for the existence of humanity could be threatened. Global environmental issues are closely intertwined with issues of human security and can be called the most difficult challenges facing humanity.

And so wonderful industry slow life. 

However, style of slow life is various. Weekend slow life, early retirement, self-life, a retirement age company found...  There is it innumerably.  I think that there are various opportunities, but want to live with different styles as well as it so far. I run to a dream and the ideal that I imagined at time of the young man at time of the child. And I want to do some useful way of life for somebody in simply. I think that there is a like this target. The style to aim at is various, but it wants to do wonderful way of life that there is in the basic. Please value a feeling of this beginning. Because I do not end slow life in "a dream", I will push forward preparations steadily well. 
 What kind of style do take  on you? Please think about important life in the future slowly and carefully.


State of the Global Environment and Key Challenges

Declaration of Miniature earth city

a recycling Art

Production of things in "big factory" in Japan's economic activity is no longer universal is to give happiness to humans. Manufacturing in the "small workshop" is what monetary benefit rather than less efficient because it is a craft. However, after 3.11, when you have a question to the modern civilized society, the values of one society, we observed the lifestyle of another suit, holds among its economic life is like what about the other, you need to think seriously, even going to practice little by little.

Re-conscious way of life that is assertive. Japan is poor in natural resources, while the population and industrial activity is concentrated in the limited land, thought value a the material in the region and around the natural environment around us exists for a long time. Ideal conditions are in place on live models to create a sustainable society. Thinking on how to use what remained and what is at hand, whether you want to reproduction than if I think about lining up material.In Japan, there is a culture from the old "MOTTAINAI". Thorough recycling have been made. There is a good tradition represented by the city planning of the Edo era also rich green. There are also excellent wisdom and technology. In particular, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP in Japan is least in the world's major countries, the proportion using public transport in the country that stand out and advanced 47%. We will sent to the world as the "Japan model", a beautiful society in harmony with the environment and taking advantage of superior technology such traditions. Re-conscious thought of making things that are never without the use of excessive technique, cool and artistic even in slow somewhat unbalance. It is not confined to manufacturing. Its outstanding creative presence strong assertion has been flooded until the activation and regional food and living space. In KADAMOregion, we believe art and environment of local children and for a recycling-oriented society, such as repair and recycling and want to go working as part of the practical education of the art for reproduction of home electronics. Know-how of mechanical art environment their children was obtained, and also as a new power central to Japanese consumer electronics future electronics, APPLE of field and home electronics (electric vehicle) EV in the region would be expected in the future we will also serve the incubator for the venture aims to produce.In the conventional art has been considered as the object of labor. Say what the purpose of art, it is labor, and in the commodity. And craftsmanship Re-conscious of in the era of IT · high-tech is the foundation to live in art daily, in the context of enlightenment and education is one of about humans continue to coexist with nature and the environment of Earth ethically encapsulated the direction of, or points to the source of the vitality of human ants to come.Present value of bizarre art is bold idea originally. The expression activity of the craftsman does not rely on manuals and drawings, "And shake the hearts of the people. Shake a society" that is a social mission. Age about now, the role of art has come into question with no significant. Also anticipation of future Japan should aim a innovation great in the commercial design and marketing ideas that can not be never realized. Japan promote the creation of local communities and the public and the public interest that new concept  of art and charity. Japan can continue to widely approach as another model for the world proud of from underdeveloped countries with cultural and economic environment is very important strategically.


Environment  Art  Charity

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