Tokyo, June 1, 2007

Cabinet Meeting Decision




(Tentative Translation)

I. State of the Global Environment and Key Challenges

II. Becoming a Leading Environmental Nation for a Better World

III. Eight Strategies to Be Implemented as Priorities in the Next One to Two Years

The economic activities of the industry slow life

The economic activities of the slow life  are different from the conventional profit pursuit type company while being based on a market mechanism and develop business supported in entrepreneurship to assume a sense of duty of the society a driving force.  It is it to a base, and a human connection to be able to have sympathy in personal voluntary participation and the style by the industry slow life is formed. It is not a volume zone by any means and consists of the segmentation of the customer and low price and  charity  in the economic market. I can conclusion this system with a domain of "Commons" for "public" by the government , the domain of "the private" by the market. As for the industry slow life , the community of the people who can communalize environment and the contribution to society becomes the base and is formed. For a a feature of the industry slow life , I can point out independence, information characteristics, variety, flexibility including originality. I put foundations for the personal voluntary activity and am formed by I send it for a free idea for the world, and, as a result, giving profit the community in regional. It is gather of the practice unit it is not an organization by any means, and it sympathizes with RE for contribution to society / the earth contribution of Care,Share from RE of the environmental recycling. It is a thing of the network type which had the structure that it is very gentle, and is flexible that seems to be the crowd of birds without determine it while flying freely, and clashing with each other. The continuation of own sustainable lifestyle brings the life support of the weak and local activation / not to mention environment / recycling, and it is an art activity of the practice that is grandiosity beyond the visual presentation in the completion media which I am relational and link function reality of area sovereignty / the decentralization in its turn. The change process is makes explosion variation in drastic overnight getting together  piles it up from the bottom and to accumulate the volume. There is necessary for functions well that construction of the community and the breeding of the reliability of the aspect each other are important, but suffer from communicative competence to directly send it to world and produce of the originality that does not watch a other kind.


The economic activities of the industry slow life




Environment  Art  Charity

Declaration of Miniature earth city

A sound environment abundant with natural blessings is the creation of the interactions, since time immemorial, among numerous habitats and natural systems on the earth. These blessings of the environment are for all generations, and thus should not be consumed solely by the present generation but should be managed in such a way as to preserve them for future generations as well. However, the environmental impacts of human activities have increased to a point that exceeds the limits that the global environment can manage, and the global ecosystem is losing its intricate balance. Furthermore, in the context of the population growth and economic development in developing countries, there is the risk that environmental impacts will increase dramatically. If this situation continues, ecosystems could be further degraded on a global scale. Various sustainable development issues that the world is facing, such as water shortages, food crises, and poverty, could become much more severe, while the sustainability of our society and the foundations for the existence of humanity could be threatened. Global environmental issues are closely intertwined with issues of human security and can be called the most difficult challenges facing humanity.

And so wonderful industry slow life. 

However, style of slow life is various. Weekend slow life, early retirement, self-life, a retirement age company found...  There is it innumerably.  I think that there are various opportunities, but want to live with different styles as well as it so far. I run to a dream and the ideal that I imagined at time of the young man at time of the child. And I want to do some useful way of life for somebody in simply. I think that there is a like this target. The style to aim at is various, but it wants to do wonderful way of life that there is in the basic. Please value a feeling of this beginning. Because I do not end slow life in "a dream", I will push forward preparations steadily well. 
 What kind of style do take  on you? Please think about important life in the future slowly and carefully.

State of the Global Environment and Key Challenges



An old men and a handicapped men and little men can get joy and worth doing to be required from the society that it is with a side to support from the side supported as a social entrepreneur by it the home electronics which is a key industry in a motif and,under the theme of environment and recycling, through commodity  as  arts and crafts , and few incomes and realizing new market society.A national burden of social security such as a pension, the medical care decreases sharply,a revival budget and industrial upbringing budget increase are enabled and the financial problem is settled at a stretch.The action for such an aging society is praised as a advanced country model greatly from the world. The children future generation who experienced art and a machine and environment are fight successfully through the world electronics war of EV and the smart grid in 2030, and the revival of the Japanese home electronics brand is realized.

What’s pick up policy shake the world?

To "support side" from "supported side".

The economic activities of the industry slow life

What is industry slow life ?


Industrial slow life in KADAMO region.

What would you like to do after you graduate from company.

Increasingly serious global environmental issues


Measures for building a sustainable society