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Tokyo, June 1, 2007

Cabinet Meeting Decision




(Tentative Translation)

I. State of the Global Environment and Key Challenges

II. Becoming a Leading Environmental Nation for a Better World

III. Eight Strategies to Be Implemented as Priorities in the Next One to Two Years

Region integration

JAPAN is a country poor in natural resources but rich hard-working and diligent people.

Arts and Crafts

1 It is the one point one of handwork.

2 It is a joy to own it.

3 It is using scrap & waste.

4 It is repair can be with failure.

5 It is convert can be with broken.

Kadamo’s Five Principles

Kadamo’s biggest challenge

Its aging population.

KYOTO Protocol

Those who would like to join the party,

please raise your hand

JUDO are more exceed than big force.


Region integration
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JAPAN’S EDO Culuture

JAPAN Tohoku Earthquake

Million by million program

Japan’s biggest challenge

JAPAN help arts tomorrow’s world

re-CONSCIOUS is a re-imagining of the to region integration, setting out how these areas can and should enrich the arts for artists, audiences and our wider society.



The Parties to this Protocol,

Being Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change,

hereinafter referred to as “the Convention”,

In pursuit of the ultimate objective of the Convention as stated in its Article 2,






Industrial slow life

What would you like to do after

you graduate from company.

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What is industry slow life ?

The location of the industry slow life images a local city to hold various contradiction of the modern society such as depopulation and limit village, station square shutter street not the thing which imaged self-life of mountain life unlike the general country slow life.

The art is a social resource.

It the society contributes in the art.

power of art.

Temporary urban life span in the mid-and long-term reconstruction plan another scheme.

Although come to mind such as monuments, reconstruction will be produced in the name in general after the reconstruction, not be weathering the tragedy of the earthquake and said the activities of artists in reconstruction projects, the central art in the care of heart and reconstruction projects of important be involved in is not much.Of course, activities such as art or shutter was a proposal for a separate space for relaxation and healing in the activities of the community and act as living in temporary housing, to produce a vibrant illustrations and paintings painted shutter of the shop is being done Although, the approach of connecting to the future reconstruction scheme, such as bold and surprising "Ah" is not. Its existence value of original art by expressive activity of masters, the quirky ideas and drawings or manuals in bold does not rely on, "shake the hearts of the people. Shake a society" that is a social mission. The role of art has come into question is now.Wade through the rubble with local residents to enter the disaster area, creative activities with hands-on approach does not rely on manual drawing and design. To use some of those remaining on hand in the ideas and passion and art persist without fear of criticism. Spirit of "mottainai". Of course, I can not afford to revive the power of art in all this vast disaster area. However, it is the power of art in the area of commercial design is what can never be that urban development is to the world through art as a landmark of the entire reconstruction project.For new power with new ideas to play and function as a background agent power of activity a variety of support and other volunteers can demonstrate continued a long-term, the Tohoku region of the next generation to participate in reconstruction projects, active of art to the government and politics can be built with in collaboration with the victims of the (rather than as administrative division) had obstruction of the current can not be special zones for art that is attention from the world based on the concept of a function as (operating system) OS of is a big mission.

Coexistence town of survival and requiem.

Creation post market - special zones for Art & Charity by short-term lease agreement.

Other day, "conference reconstruction plan" put together to organize an intermediate point. As a vision of the future city of the Northeast is a great concept. However, I can not even see specific orientation can not be more than the traditional idea overall. In an unprecedented catastrophe for the change in thinking is required across all of Japanese society and the future life.Should first and foremost priority is to support the victims life. It is an image and its message of life to building disaster victims can live by self-help and cooperation of the city [temporary] is missing in medium-and long-term up to full-scale reconstruction. The world architect that is make recommendations, such as forest requiem in steps more than 100,000 victims have been forced to live evacuated still strict. Requiem forest vision is a grand and wonderful plan that proposed (embankment) of the original forest land tide by a real forest with re-use large amounts of rubble by the earthquake came.However, based on the idea that it can not be the town where you do not know may have a child at the same time, there is that I do in the woods. Would it really. Loss and sorrow of the victims certainly lose the family, lost their homes, lost their jobs is not difficult to imagine everyone. We should propose to allow the coexistence of reconstruction and life requiem "to make the city of Requiem" at the various criticisms our own risk.To respect the will of the deceased wanting to rebuild their towns and villages. Because, Intention to take the victims trying to rebuild housing and jobs back home.On the other hand, in the contemporary art has been expanded from the traditional activities of the various economic stimulus for the region. Activities on earth and nature and regional galleries-Tokachi Millennium Forest.Activity with the theme of community and the arts-Ueno Town Art Project. And, the activities of Art deserted house-Naoshima. In various regions, has been deployed a variety of art activities. Now is the hope alive in the disaster area and power that sensibility.Specifically, part of the vast disaster area will be to (zones) of medium-and long-term temporary art zone reconstruction of short-term lease of three to five years as the use of idle land by the understanding and cooperation of local landowners. And to expand the art project. It is artist-journalists, NPO , volunteers to gather from around the world. There is also participating merchants and sellers of a local flea market stall or container that was set up in temporary store in collaboration with the artist. We also aim to attract active tourists from all over the world as crowded amusement and entertainment zone. And its operation shall be by self-help and assistance of victims of the Tohoku region. (incorporation of the Stock Company citizens in Northeast ※). If possible. By going to promote a sustainable market activity with a focus on elderly victims of the "small force" × "small profit", conversion to "public interest capitalism" from the "traditional market fundamentalism" for towards a new society from this in Japan. Continue to create new market = post-market concept becomes commodity environment, art, charity.And, including the issue of earthquake disaster reconstruction and primary, in which the attention of the world in themes such as departure from the budget deficit and an aging society and environmental issues, art should take the lead of [citizen] × [company] × [government] it is necessary to actively approach to the world of another reconstruction scheme in collaboration with Japan. Small changes could change the world. Strategic thinking that the creation of local communities in the future also should be in Japan, and the concept that the public interest from developing countries and new public art and cultural of charity continue to approach widely to the world with environmental and economic is extremely important as another model of Japan as proud


What started out as a small work has evolved

into a major project.

East Japan RE Program