Coexistence of the leading energy society and recycling society. 
An electronics brand as the landmark. 

The Japanese capital is Tokyo, and that it is a global city of information ,culture , the business is recognized in foreign countries, but there cannot be the thing introduced too much about other cities and the area.There is Kansai area consisting of cities of Osaka , Kobe , Kyoto as a economic zone, cultural zone  to be next to Tokyo in Japan .Kadoma-city located in the eastern part of Osaka in the Kansai area is a small local city of the a population of 100,000 scale, but there is the factory of the Panasonic group which is a global  electronics corporation, and Moriguchi-city around Kadoma-city and Higashiosaka-city are extremely the accumulated zones that the good small town factory  in a technology level.In addition, Sharp new factory of Sakai  in the seaside area of the Osaka bay, a plasma factory of Panasonic plans operation in the Amagasaki district.When the Kameyama factory of Sharp of the eastern part includes it, it may be said that Kansai area is the big electronic industry zone that Japan which is a electronics nation is proud of to the world.Seeing from foreign countries or Asia, the place name of Osaka and Kadoma is even if they do not know it but the famous brand that Panasonic and Sharp are widely known all over the world. Including energy saving , regenerated energy, the 3D TV of the topic are expected as the new technology that Japan is proud of to the world in various fields as the field of growth in the future.KDEP establish an electronic industry area around Kadoma the area identity that seems to be Silicon Valley as miniature earth city of environment , economy , the culture over the government district.

The electronics area over government district such as a prefecture and  city. 
The area brand strategy that paid more attention to the world and Asia.

In the situation global competition around Asia economy that plays a key role of the world economy
there is necessity to the city that becomes another foothold.It becomes important to build the center of the Asian economy to function directly at the original position that let you specialize in the city function that is different from Tokyo.In addition, more attention for the domestic situation a require the decentralization on the times. It is a focus to the EV(electric vehicle) car which is a favorite  in lithium ion battery car of the next generation.Kansai state or the Osaka capital design that are taken up recently in the media. The argument of the special economic zone such as an overseas company invitation or the casino invitation  by the corporation tax rate reduction.We do not remain in little doctrine. We feature the theme of environment, and it is invited electronic industry and the venture company. We achieve the incubation function for small & medium company , individual venture company to intend environmental electronic industry.We must concentrate power on maintenance of the comprehensive infrastructure of industry ,education , the information culture.The speed that a key point of the economy to the Asian area turns into from Europe and America is fast, and the strategy decision that what kind of position Japan grasps in in an Asian economy is in a very urgent state. Various factors are thought about to foreign advance, but will accelerate more in future. The outflow to the foreign countries of the company does not stop only by reducing a corporation tax rate. In addition, We do not become the trump which can win for competition of the Asian economy zone. Business results of Panasonic and Sony occupying the absolute position in domestic led greatly in Korean Samsung one company by the sale results in the Asia ,Europe.
The electronic industry is the key industry that with a car Japan is proud of to the world. As for the cause why a Japanese company has a hard fight, maintenance of the infrastructure for the overseas market strategy is developed centering on choice and the concentration of the company by the national policy nationally.It is a result of the actions that paid more attention to the world to know if the Olympics and the medal acquisition strategic of Kim  Yu-na of figure skating. Of course there are the person himself and the company effort, but can say the national global strategic success example than it.Competition between international of company in the future is not a problem of the at all's best company. A country, an region and a citizen do collaboration and develop a market as Japan brand and must fight successfully through competition between international. It is the basic growth strategy of our country, and it will be a very important problem about Japanese identity in future.

Reinforcement of the local environmental power by collaboration  and miniature earth city

The operation of company in the future does not have only the economic development and plans the integrated improvement of  the environmental side, the social side. The existence of the brand is not a thing only for a manager and a stockholder of the generations now.
It is an employee and an associated company, an region, users to public property and the brand is social resources. In addition, company necessary to consensus that  situation of national root and trunk supporting a national finance and the employment for a citizen and a community. .  is necessary.  A drastic paradigm shift will happen from the principle of capital stock to public interest capitalism in future.
It is not only sales and profit. A company respected by the society grows up in the long term. On the other hand, I check a way of thinking of the conventional big business = evil in some citizens, users and the community. I do not judge consumption action in the future from only a price. An action for energy saving, the global environment and  for the employment and a contribution to society business, we promote brand support various positively in user level for the company we raise an expensive idea, and to practice. Adversely, for camouflage of the information, user contempt, the antisocial company, we response strictly. A user, the citizen take action directly without depending on government and an organization and promote the selection from the market for a future generation. It becomes extremely important that I acquire "power style" for choice and the concentration of the Japan brand to pass in the world. Company will take responsibility for a it plays a key role, and sending an environmental problem for the world in future. It is necessary to plan collaboration with a region, a citizen all in one  under the theme of the earth, environment, society.Japan has an action by the government-business complex contributed to steady economic growth in a bottom of the wide person concerned collaborating with participation. 
Culture and the sense of values aiming at accomplishment by  agreement cooperation are one of the strengths of our country. In addition as an important pair, We must aim at the coexistence with the environment market society of the sustainable circulation type based on the "Mottainai" Japanese traditional culture. By this, We contribute to the solution of the internal and external environmental problem and, as a result, will deepen activation of the economy and the reinforcement of the competition in the international market and aim at planning coexistence of the environment and economy.It seems to be technology society and recycling society and a theme incompatible at a glance in an environmental problem, but there is the power of the "WA" that accept various cultures and to let we coexist in Japan .We think a kimono and Japanese food and a Japanese-style room to be the sum, but the true sum is not such a fixed thing. The "WA" should call power to let coexist peacefully  various heterogeneous things .Government and a citizen collaboration  with a company and we build the sustainable society that each can live together in environment and economy and culture and send it as "japan model" for the world.

The arrival of the super aging society and approach of the recycling market society 

The local government advances to the idea proposal type based on an region original feature and policy, and the citizen comes to choose an region and the location that there was as own way of life in future.KDEP does not capture an environmental problem as industrial economic problems such as merely recycling or the energy saving.At first, the drastic change of own life style is demanded to form sustainable society = miniature earth city.  The Japanese society disposed the old thing as a new thing had good,  after World War II. However, neither earth nor Japan lasts when they continue such a thing.An argument of the low standard in all the life is necessary in the recycling society.I will fundamentally review the standard of living that the responsibility cannot have in the future generation , and, as for the country and the region and the individual, switch to "Minokate lifestyle" is urgent business.The local government advances to the idea proposal type based on an region original feature and policy, and the citizen comes to choose an region and the location that there was as own way of life in future. We raise an idea of environment, art , charity that assumed a home electronics a motif for the formation of the recycling  type market society in KDEP.In addition, we develop suggestion of the second life of "the industrial  rural living" for the national senior citizen power that manufacturing, town planning wants to create in various domains in coming super aging society.  We switch the existence of the senior citizen from "the supported side" to "the side to support" it.And the renovation activity of the community which became impoverished starts.The activity presents the work-sharing concept of a retirement age entrepreneur and the senior citizen.We build a scheme of sustainable low market society of a senior citizen / the handicapped person participation in the general market activity without depending on only NPO and the activity of the volunteer.

Another japan model for sustainable society.