The art that is re-conscious gathers


On earth what begins here?

We do not catch an environmental problem as simply global warming or an energy-saving problem and aim at the formation of the sustainable society = miniature earth city under the theme of  independence and coexistence as a person and the earth and a social comprehensive problem. At first the drastic change of own style is demanded to form sustainable society = miniature earth city. After the war, Japanese society used a new goods that thing becoming old is bad. However, neither earth nor Japan lasts when they continue such a thing. An argument of the low standard in all the life is necessary.
We will review the standard of the life bubble which the responsibility cannot hold in a generation fundamentally in the future and suggest "MINOTAKE life", a style of " MOTTAINAI mind" in a viewpoint of low standard & low measuring..In addition, We aim at the practical approach the slow eating habits by rice diet, and voluntary economy system and the universal market society  participation the senior citizen and handicapped person consensus to low service low competition for the problems such as the  the food self-support rate,aging society,activation of regional that the modern society has. It is another approach that I can never show by politics and administration leadership.For a person,a society, a earth. New art power to be active based on a noble idea gather ahead of the genre. It is starting to the renovation activity of the community by the organic collaborate .