Museum of Home Electronics

The art is a social resource. It the society contributes in the art.

The MoHE project under the theme of "the art social resources, art contribution to society" is an individual artist having the idea which is usually expensive for an environmental awareness and contribution to society and an electronics maker and sustainable collaboration activity with the area community. An artist does an art renovation of available disused household electrical appliance and I exhibit it through a gallery and sell it. The sale amount of money is done open sharing of justly, and 25%, remainder 25% are utilized for environment and area contribution for a charity fund in 25%, the gallery by resources provider 25%, an artist.  The household electrical appliance becoming the motif uses NATIONAL/ SHARP/ SANYO / HITACHI / MITSUBISHI product which is Japan products brand proud of to the world, and the activity is sent to the world as "another Japan model" as well as Japanese soil and I am relational with the global strategy of the company and function. The work is sold on both the exhibition sale end back in the gallery and the Internet.