What is industry slow life ?

The location of the industry slow life images a local city to hold various contradiction of the modern society such as depopulation and limit village, station square shutter street not the thing which imaged self-life of mountain life unlike the general country slow life. The slow style that thought about nature and a global environment does not different, but the approach is different. I am basic in 3R of the industrial and, in the case of  industry slow life , produce the renovation of a home electronics / furniture / the house in a domain of the art. In addition, I suggest the ideal method of the job in the life working after the retirement as well as the style of foods and the house. The complex style that  such sustainable foods, house and works creates miniature earth city and I will contribute to the global and regional.

And so wonderful industry slow life.

However, style of slow life is various. Weekend slow life, early retirement, self-life, a retirement age company found...  There is it innumerably.  I think that there are various opportunities, but want to live with different styles as well as it so far. I run to a dream and the ideal that I imagined at time of the young man at time of the child. And I want to do some useful way of life for somebody in simply. I think that there is a like this target. The style to aim at is various, but it wants to do wonderful way of life that there is in the basic. Please value a feeling of this beginning. Because I do not end slow life in "a dream", I will push forward preparations steadily well.

What kind of style do take  on you? Please think about important life in the future slowly and carefully.



What is industry slow life ?

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Are you ready to change the way you live ?

What is industry slow life ?