Kadoma, Osaka Prefecture, located in the eastern part of the small scale is a local city population of 100,000, there is a electronics manufacturer Panasonic is world-famous. Its surrounding industrial zone, Moriguchi , Daito is superior to small and medium-sized factory town of extremely technical level has been integrated.In addition, the waterfront area of Osaka Bay is Sharp's new plant in Sakai, Amagasaki factory district of the Panasonic plasma has been planned to operate.Kansai area is also true of the Eastern District of Sharp's Kameyama plant is a major Japanese electronics industry zone is a home electronics nation. Panasonic and Sharp is a brand known throughout the world place names without knowing Kadoma Osaka and even from abroad. KADAMO region is a different administrative division region on the brand that regional integration layer on Moriguchi City, mainly in Kadoma City Daito City. Economic activity of Kadamo region is also taking into account the market principle, and unlike conventional profit-seeking, to expand the business, supported by entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of social mission driven. It has been established based on personal relationships that can have the sympathy of its style and voluntary participation of the individual. It is composed of customer segmentation and Charlie tea instead of the volume zone never in the economic system. This system can be positioned, and the area of the "commons" area for "public" by the government, "private" by the private market. Become a foundation has been established community of people who can share the environmental issues and social contribution.This electronics area, such as establishing the identity of the Silicon Valley area as a city of miniature earth, economic, and cultural environment beyond the administrative division. By actively utilizing ICT, followed by a politics not decide anything, activity will spread further cooperation with citizens and communities.